Monday, August 28, 2017

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Requiem for a Showcase Reality: Hollywood’s La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in La La Land

If you were a yogi living on the top of a mountain, awaiting personal time with a guru, and those times were brief and far between, you would be focused on being alert to the opportunity of sustained presence with the guru. The teachings will be more authentic when revealed through personal contact. That is why you live on this certain mountain with all of its challenges.

If that guru is Hollywood and that guru has a final teaching for the general masses before her permanent retirement, then the movie La La Land, which won 6 academy awards, is the final ‘hurrah’ of Hollywood, Hollywood as we know it.  The movie contains a plethora of survival algorithms for the aspiring theatrical artist, all handed out freely in a captivating drama of song and dance. What Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers hammered down into suburban patterns for the war legacy of the pre-Boomers, Ryan Gosling and his beautiful dakini pried up out of Hollywood’s cemented legacy into personal memes for our coming refugee conditions? According to many sources, Hollywood is moving into the Chinese paradigm for lack of intelligent money; so they might as well give away all the secrets while they can.

I’ve watched it twice, second time with my teen son and daughter, who enjoyed it, and being a musical production, I was surprised. They saw the same message I did.

La La Land has the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of success and it seems contagious. This is a movie that can be a keepsake for Hollywood, along with the heterosexual nostalgia nuts who fetish ‘showcase reality’.  It’s quite common to build shrines of favorite shows and movies in our own homes. In acting communities these shrines help keep an alert smile prescient for public occasions while making professional contact. I mean, since Hollywood has become a shrine to its self, like Sleeping Beauty’s step mother and her mirror, we are out the loop of this magic as it remains the keepsake for the chosen few.  When the tower teeters and it is visible from afar, then gifts like the movie La La Land must be honored.  Unfortunately for the Queen, the Hunter has left the gate open and the guard dogs took the bait. While America stares at its reflected navel through Hollywood showcase in the comfort of her own home, the movie set she is doing this on has been sold to R’s new favorite clan of the century. Get ready to travel light.

So, rather than get politically offensive, I write this review of La La Land to advocate for change. Let’s move Hollywood to a safe place where the dogs can hunt in the forest and the goddesses will be security. Someplace like Taos, New Mexico. It serves as a safe haven for changing times. Little possibility of tidal waves and the vultures keep the streets clean. Where Julia Roberts spends time dodging fame and queer patrons collect real estate for their empty social clubs. Lots of room here; especially if you don’t mind wrestling with the mesa rats. And there is that tunneled deep state labyrinth that requires 12 strand DNA consciousness. Located under and around the Taos Plaza, this sacred space really helps with the alien problem as mind games stay mind games. I’ve been hovering around the Taos Plaza for over two decades and each time I show up it is brand new. This Taos Valley seems a conducive space to be a new base for refugee Hollywood.  And just think of the jobs.

Harvest Tanagucci dances with Cole Williams in Taos before the screening.

Written by David Wilson Ross Lewis    June 12/ 2017     commons edition

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