Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Electrical Overview

Acceleration of human lifestyle: What is the source of this pernicious aspect?

It seems that as years go by, that time goes faster and why does it go faster?

Because our lives are speeding up.  And why are they speeding up?

They are speeding up due to  pressures that we put upon ourselves to perform appropriately in the public forum. 

And why do we put these pressures on ourselves?

We have spiced our lives with unnecessary contrivances such as the use of the wheel in engineering, motor driven tools, devices,

And the use of electrically driven devices, not propelled by the human organism but by the effects of elemental force.

Man now uses this elemental power to produce changes upon the environment that create elemental reactions,

And because these elemental efforts are not rendered through human tactile contact, the profound implications of these elemental forces can being ignored.

As mankind reacts to consequent elemental progress, we find we must rival the speed of electricity to counteract increasingly complex circumstances.

Thus we are introduced, surreptitiously, to inhuman acceleration of our natural pace and general misunderstanding abounds.

By having concentrated on specific patterns of efficient devices, we are alienated from the comprehensive weave of our planetary conditions.

As a hydro station in a remote valley powers an urban landscape, the power link is not obvious being camouflaged by complex webs of cash flow.

And the human sense of vulnerability to unnatural conditions is incubated to silent oblivion by the sparks and glow of the electric hearth.

Islands of wealth thrive in desert terrain, for example, ignoring the unnatural state, reinforcing the neon dream of showcase reality.

And the electric spirit whispers encouragement with monthly reminders, an angry spirit who menstruates us, repeatedly, distracting us from natural human poise.

And our conditioned senses sculpture a theater of common truths that reflect little of nature, no more than token gestures, as our presence on this planet is electrified.

And consequently our lifestyles are crystallized into elemental patterns, insulating our awareness from the evanescent sway of the solar wind and the radiant stars that rule the sky.

The jealous passion of electrical frenzy finds little solace in the vast expanse of the universal continuum and the primacy of solar radiance.

Electrical technology artificially creates a womb/tomb mandala of sealed architectural circuits to house its subjects, us, from blue space,

Until we submit to the kaleidoscopic Cyclops, that hypnotizes the workforce with relentless precision, redefining itself with waves of intricate detail,

Forcing human thought to wrestle with binary intelligence until human sense slavishly sacrifices natural genius to overwhelming data.

All this electrical activity polarizes the good will of humanity, speeds discursive thoughts and destroys ability to remember our logos of planet and Universe.

We rely on unnatural and technical movement for our sense of time rather than the shadow play of the sun, being lost to the archives of labyrinthine art galleries.

Therefore we are subject to warlord manipulation and their fetish arrangements of power structure and their schedules of economic infrastructure.

This is revealing, to more aware beings (human) that manipulation by European troll dynasties is directly at odds with our spiritual evolution.

 A severe sense of vulnerability in the western culture hangs a sharp sword of fear over our collective heads that causes panic and shortness of breath,

That increases thoughts, speeding speculation and the heat of passion.

The disciples of the techno sphere satisfy themselves in bliss of power, a deep state control mechanism, which ignores the presence of reality, leaving brothers and sisters outside the techno sphere, to cling frantically to evaporating promises of happiness.

And the children are harnessed with painful truths too difficult to forget, that force them to subscribe to the enemy army and alternative paradigms.

So that the precipice, the mortal coil itself, becomes a genetic fracture that natural forces increasingly devastate as the ritual of healthy human endeavor crumbles away.

Tribal truths replace collective wisdom and they are showcased in serial performance on the viewing screen, as fashion, music, political harangue and the printed word,

Until the overview becomes unspeakable, and the private thoughts of warlords become the pathways of our daily lives.

We have lost perspective, feeling bullied and pressured, we see no enemy except our own deficiencies and the wandering eye of media.

By polarizing the even flow of human goodwill, with unusual circumstances, the ramifications become global and not specific.

The pre-industrial mercantile network has remained the template for the last centuries of resource exploitation,

Through naval accomplishment, the implementation of industrial oriented commerce was made possible, institutionalizing slavery as a common lifestyle.

Until the cottage industry and the guild systems were eclipsed and transplanted to other global sites, uprooting local culture and individual self-esteem.

Resistance to this process was crushed unmercifully and the intelligent appraisal of the industrial revolution could not be implemented into the process.

Now, three centuries later, from the womb of our electrical cage are we able to consciously articulate the process of our adaptation.

Our senses no longer intuitively tuned to natural events, but rather to the sensor oriented warning lights of the electrical thin tank,

That flashes wantonly towards our thoughts, conjuring nightmarish mirages of rational eventualities, that reek of inhumanity and dire prediction.

The inherited sense of global integrity retreats into subconscious mystery, as we ponder the onslaught of technical re assessment.

Divorce proceedings, set to curtail a unhappy relationship are invoked by Nature’s spontaneous language of global readjustment to the times,

So that the ground upon which we stand wants a divorce from our ignorant presence on the planet and the dawning of apocalyptic unease becomes prevalent,

Attracting cosmic predators, who can now easily inveigle the human domain when lack of archetypal perception seems to affect humanity’s awareness.

And the genetic meltdown of human stewardship weakens our resistance to bombastic manipulation of the planet’s resources by space pirates.

Our rituals of self-preservation are cast about in delicious abandon as we concentrate on release of passion and ecstatic peeling of sensibility,

Our only real joy found in the playhouse of electrical convenience; numbed senses trying to chart frayed edges lost in irradiated sense organs.

The effort to redirect this downward spiral back to human integrity remains evanescent, the grip of truth numb and unstable,

But alive, needing to be revealed, wakened to the cold winds of the landscape of reality, so that the sun can heal festering wounds.

Cancerous delusions can dissolve into the cellular fabric of our hopes and fears, anchoring mortality and an inevitable end to the human continuum.

For the poisons spread by the space pirates ignore natural precedent breeding only a fuel for their immediate needs.

As they must leave when obstacles arise; leaving to engage further despoliation of other planets, as they have no conscience towards the lives of sentient beings.

Until we find solace with our solar system, our hubris of electric genius will be thwarted by other advocates of Electra’s pathway, longtime lovers of her ardent passion to embrace matter.

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  1. What a thought-provoking article! It makes you think in so many directions. Our lives are going way too fast indeed, and I too believe that we ourselves are responsible for it.