Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The Avalanche Fray

 The current state of human endeavor has us as pawns in a global strategy which has reached critical mass. The grip of the oligarchs has loosened, most probably from fatigue, as their elaborate strategies are short circuiting to some extent and their damage control through verbal memes is over stretched. 
  The peace and stability of modern lifestyle, as in technological lifestyle, is now being challenged by its alter ego of violence against Nature, as the mass of humanity that lives in Nature is now being forced to migrate into the privileged techno-dome. We have destroyed their traditions, their resources and their awe of colonial entitlement. We have become as ordinary as we have blamed them for being. 
  This is the result of globalization. Whether our ordinariness as pawns in the techno-dome entitles us to come to terms with the avalanche of migration, remains to be seen. Arm chair postures will not be enough to sustain human living conditions when our economy loses its focus and barter becomes a survival mechanism. 
  The current neoliberal fear of Russia reflects the entrenched laziness of our community leaders. They know that Russia had to go through the gauntlet of a destroyed economy and it came out the other side. Russians now stand on the confidence that as a people they have reached bottom together and together have successfully resisted the global slavery which was to be imposed by the oligarchs. Now America and her allies must look at the same eventuality of living beyond one's means and possible economic collapse. 
  The oligarchs have abandoned nationalism and they will try to impose the same threat of slavery upon the American people as was resisted by Russia. Our community leaders have been groomed to passivity by the oligarchs and they are afraid. The Donald is the ring master for this economic challenge and he has a window of opportunity to help arm chair Americans, turn off their favorite shows and get back to work. We as a populace are kicking and screaming like spoiled children and a bachelor oligarch might abandon the mission repulsed by the ignorance on display. But the Donald has generations of his own children, he has kept trying, and so he can understand spoiled American progeny and the pain of their intransigence. He can wade through the memes of neo-liberal insanity and guide those who follow into a healthier and more useful lifestyle. He can access the disciplined and intelligent populace which maintains human sustainability, "Fly-over America" and the military, and implement necessary changes to keep America strong while it adjusts to a healthier economic focus. 
  The oligarchs will rest while this takes place as they are old and worn out and most of their children and attache's are as spoiled and frivolous as the rest of the population. His friendship with Putin is a boon. Putin led the restructuring of Russia's economy into health and he can help us, the people of America get back on our feet. He wants to help and Trump knows this. 
  But the global neo-liberal community has not faced its failure and the changing times. They want war with Russia simply because they are afraid of the mess they have made. They don't want to pay for the consequences. They can't believe they are wrong after feeling so close to their goals. Goals that never really existed in the first place. Meme framed intellectual postures that promised a better world but were based on skewed science and destruction of secular ruled countries. A very base and unscrupulous policy that now causes enormous suffering for innocent populations while pretending to be bettering the success of a global revolution. 
  The main focus underlying all of this chaos is the desire to control and forward another 100 years of petroleum based economy using the tools and methodology of the last 100 years. Everything has changed and the Donald knows this. The "deplorables" that voted Hillary out know this. They don't know it from the lying media, they know it because it is obvious to those not invested in the neoliberal camp. 
  It is almost impossible for the average person to survive economically without leaning on government handouts. Our jobs must come back and the global experiment must go on hiatus. National infrastructure must be restored. Taking action in this manner will eclipse armchair passive lifestyle and introduce personal discipline and self respect into citizenry. We don't have to hit rock bottom the way Russia did. While the dollar is still viable we can galvanize the population to get involved, get working, get creative and re-coalesce as a united citizenry busy re-birthing the American dream rather than an intoxicated nightmare. There is nothing else to do and we have a newly elected president who ran on that platform. Lets see what happens and not as an audience but as players.

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