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Teachings on Psychiatric Black Magic



                               Teachings on Psychiatric Black Magic

In the timeless sphere of granite, rock face ivory tower concerns,
The beggars go unnoticed until their clamor of need must be addressed,
Then the volumes written, recorded into memory, must now be invoked into action,
Those volumes, whose secret shelter harbors the necessary cruel designs maintaining social order.

Violent mechanisms are wheeled about, in a parade of subconscious patterns, seeking
The point of no-return, where activation of perpetual aggression assumes inevitability,
And the storm clouds of rage, sharpen points of friction, as they darken the sphere of exchange,
To precipitate a genetic shakedown that divides and annihilates foreign faces and rebellious spawn.

This is the cost of being born in unfavorable circumstances that camouflage truth,
In being born to maelstrom guardians whose griffin claws pivot tenaciously,
To the unformed branches of the collective family tree,
Having lost their true positions in scientific heresy.

Being born, as an echo of excruciating perplexity, bound to masquerade in hopeless exercise,
The continuation of empirical assumption, that the force is with us and not others;
That the role of the peers is sacrosanct, to be up held in unquestioned allegiance,
At the expense of common sense, freedom, and the creative potential inherited through human birth.

Being born to maintain discipline extracted from centuries of inquisitional repression,
Humanistically refined to plastic usefulness by rational de-mystifications of religious order,
Spurred by schizoid fascinations and psychedelic intrusions that burned innocence to the precipice,
Widening the narrow abyss, so that tangible fear of falling stains the light of every new day.

Being born to oversee the demolition of goodwill and happy acquaintance with family and friends,
As the Armageddon radiates its presence from beyond the horizon edge,
And the forces of evil discover themselves emerging as a poisonous dew upon the surface of the land,
Effortlessly increasing in character, becoming the synthetic source of refreshing change to distraught generations.

Being born to assume that the antidote to all this suffering is in careful keeping by the peerage,
And that the dutiful performance of filial responsibilities will reveal the truth and path that sustains.
Born to be punished, born to react in fear and pain to odious duplicity that refuses access,
To traditions cast aside in the feeding frenzy that props up the illusory facets of an empty grail.

But born to escape all this and travel unlimited distances to shake from this planet,
The faces of gods and goddesses who can reveal in shades of contemporary symbols,
Archetypal refractions of genetic potential,that, like a pillow before sleep,
Bring comfort in the illusory quandary of constant change, so that a child can find peaceful repose.

Born to help the griffin intensity replace its frozen grip from our hearts, to appropriate place where ease and comfort,
Cause appreciation of the available sturdy branches emanating from the family tree that have proven to be strong,
Ending the perpetual sacrifice of objective parameters, hitchhiking paradigms that cause pain,
Free to associate with the hierarchy of pleasant gods who gambol in the infinite illusion.

Born to write a song that can be sung for life,
Born to witness the conflagration in the field of sexual bliss,
Born to merge harmonies with exacting lords of wealth,
Born to remain alone with self as a monk refreshed by a garden of nymphs,
Born to fit the children’s course into adulthood,
Born to grow old and die, and pass on to the karmic paradigm,
Born to bless and caress the earth with human vapors,
Born as a reminder that simple presence as a universal being reflects infinity,
The spur of curiosity and the everlasting crescendo of Being.

D.L. 1992

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  1. Now some of the countries worldwide are taking actions to reduce the effect of these changes on environment. Lets hope that America also do something now.