Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You are the Empress...I am the Nothing...Our love is Atreyu

Plenty of trouble to go around.

It’s 2016 and the Islamic State across Syria, Iraq and now spreading into Libya and beyond is taking girls as young as 9 as sex slaves and child brides promised to young boys recruited from around the world to come join ISIS…Where the horror of young girls forced into marriages is hardly a new idea brought to the world by this terror group – as more than 700 million women who are alive today were married as children and of those—more than 1 in 3—were married before age 15. http://www.foreigndesknews.com/news/politics/lisa-daftari-un-international-law-peace-justice/

Sadhu path
 As always, in search of the Goddess, we make mistakes and find that our results of actions have become overwhelming, threatening the very idea of our search. We lose sight of our Goddess and see mirages, demonesses and the very thread of our existence being severed by confusion. For the twisty curly of our mortal coil, has ushered from the gates of the wholly vaginal tunnel and were we to disrespect the very source of entry into this human condition, we would certainly lose the favor of our source of embodiment. Then we are truly lost even though some of us might lean on the 5000 year old habit of patrician hubris, the old boy's club, that is now overseeing the demolition of planet earth, it is no panacea. Although, now it is more likely this boys club is the demolition of a man's right to exist on this planet. This orb will not die from abuse, for Gaia, the earthly Goddess, has many revolutions to spin before she expires into cosmic dust.
Elf Queen from Deviantart

Old as I am, I am still a child inside, who found a mother in a child of  promise. We courted, we danced and came to some terms that changed when the Buddha called me to his home. 

The project has always been to bring truth and power to your path, on your terms as mine will scatter like dust when I die. My past efforts will only live on through you as I promised you and that promise is always secure in the Bodhisattva vow. 

When a child sees his mother kidnapped, tortured and set on a path of another's glory, a glory of blindness in the destruction of love, he/she must act, if he can. And being that the mother cannot stop or retreat as she is caught, the child took the only path which was to provoke her rage. Like Kali enraged and destroying the demons, a mortal rage to take action against promises broken, promises that seemed broken.
One last good look at his source. Not!

An un-shareable  rage strong enough against this child that would cut off that parasite, whether it was me or the other, it was a  chance I had to take. For it seems your love of this child will not kill that which is true, for your inner most heart is pure love, truth and survival. Oh Kalima who stepped on her Shiva in anger, the purpose of  this effort was established in virtue, for we both are alive after this storm of spontaneous action. Better than just driving into the gorge on an intoxicated midnight meander. The demon may not be gone but his message is cursed and you are free to begin properly into adulthood. If you allow yourself to do so.
S. Ch. Salon Central
Whether you want to help others or just help yourself, it doesn't matter in the long run for you are the mother of beings you possess. You are smart enough now to abide by the laws of your mortal coil and that will transfer automatically to the world around you. That is the HP secure in her ego and knowing that her own intention will rest in the light. Before matter, was the word, speech, sound, vibration, wave,  motion and the light. We all come from the light, the source of all power. "Rakshini who feeds on the tig-le of life!"
The rabbit farm selection

Atreyu, is the expression and image of the warrior who loves and serves the Empress who lives alone in her citadel. The Nothing is pressing as always in momentum of the times and the changes of the world that surrounds.

It is this never ending story that woke me to your eyes, and the family that surrounds you in the chaos of Taos. Now the story has become real and the challenge is upon us. For whether we win or we lose, we will never be separated till we move to the next life. We are married by association, the law and promises, felt or spoken, carried or broken. I have joined you to my family and by default, I to yours. My heart is not broken for I see the goddess in your eyes. The many levels of your personality, I bow down to them all for together they are the matrix of power.

The quest of Atreyu is not just a movie.  He is the child of imagination that brings together differences into a single purpose. A new generation of understanding of what it takes to be real. And this is real.

There will be a child born of this battle to make closure between us.  If you cannot see that I never let you down, maybe you will see it eventually, for it is so. Even P. who hates you will tell you  its true.

Each step each week until we meet. I do the prayer 3x for me 3x for you.
This prayer has been my companion for 20 plus years and it will continue till I rebirth. It brought us together and covers as an insurance policy for our demonic needs. A new path is upon us, as you bowed out of the Eastern one. New protectors and powers will arise as we court.

So until later, 

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