Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A dark horse rides the HP: all hell breaks loose

A dark horse rides the HP: all hell breaks loose

When watching the film Mulholland Drive by David Lynch,  I think about how my children visited Hollywood while I was away in India. They visited some rock stars and a few events, and also the beach. I heard about it when I came back from my trip three months hence and saw some of the gifts and purchases that the kids had received. The oldest kid came back with a different attitude and new wild streak that defied my understanding. A new genie unleashed in her that could not be tethered. Elaborate, secret and all consuming. What had she discovered or been overwhelmed by while was in India? When I tried to get some dialogue from her she just said that I had been gone too long in India and that something?, someone? had possessed her and now her life was different; our agenda as mentor and acolyte obsolete, but I could stick around for the ride, just don't get in the way.
Tom Morrello's Orchid character who belongs to the street.
Well, I got in the way, all kinds of different ways trying to slow down the locomotive but it just ended up that she ran over me and everyone else until she has gone to Kali to get what she wants with out interference.

 I didn't heed the advice of my teacher who said if you have a problem, don't try to reduce the problem, just make space for the problem and it will solve it self. I have found that works ideally but when family passions are the fire that controls the agenda, it is more difficult.

If I could solve the problem after the fact when it seems too late that will be like a miracle.

But if I take the big picture, look at all the factors that I have ignored in my blindness and see that if not for my personal, limited wannabe ego based mentoring clouding the sequence of events, perhaps everything is as it should be. I can pray for clarity and spiritual sustenance, nurture her moment from a distance and believe in positive outcomes no matter how difficult it looks. Karma generally speaks loudest when it ripens and who can judge the qualities of another person's hidden strengths, especially when their mind is focused on making the leap. Guru Harinisa Siddhi Hung

May the goddess within you share the path and may the dark one fall to your appetite for truth.
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