Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kissingering the Ring

I have been reading the blog and have learned a lot about how personalizing one's political acumen and projecting it upon the outside world can have some benefits. LC maintains a domestic farm with animals and shares her(?) blog with TL (partner) who occasionally contributes less caustic commentary on precipitous issues. LC loves Jesus, has strong opinions on every race, creed and culture but has penetrating insight into the shadow agendas of global players and their minions. She has spent over 6 months dismantling the Cruz campaign, relentlessly posting multiple essays each day to dis-empower his political machine. All to usher in the "Donald" as America's last great hope.
Being a political naif, myself, I have learned about the endless layers of the American political labyrinth from this blog and how this vast complex process of American governance germinated from our forefathers in the battles to occupy this land from the previous inhabitants who are basically still entrenched. The view of LC blog is not exactly Jim Crow, but the the hard bitten survivalist instinct of LC will abide no other than "salt of the earth" critical thinking.  Bottom line, you must take responsibility for your earthly and spiritual worth otherwise this blog considers you "road kill" DWL

Kissingering the Ring

Kissinger: Putin Is Not Stalin - The Huffington Post

The growing conflict between the West and Russia today is not the same as that during the Cold War, Henry Kissinger told the Council on Foreign Relations ...
As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.
I am going to address something about Darth Vader AKA Henry Kissinger, in Anticipated President Donald Trump meeting with the manager of Rockefeller affairs in the world.

Meeting of Minds Donald Trump to Meet With Henry Kissinger

There are those like Stephen Lendman, who see all evil, except some leftist utopia which created the genocide of the world in attacking Dr. Kissinger. This is the fringe group who think that unless Donald Trump only sips from the mire of John Kennedy's eternal flame that all is lost.

Does Trump Know Who Henry Kissinger Really Is?
Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free?

The fact is that Henry Kissinger is about the only diplomat worth anything in America. When he sits down with President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Putin smiles genuinely and Mr. Kissinger smiles.
This is a big difference from the studied looks at Clinton Kosovo raiders, W Bush rants in calling Mr. Putin cold blooded and the mocking of Obama by Mr. Putin, which is rightly dispensed.

For the reality, the Bush Clinton forces have been employing the Wolfowitz Doctrine of destabilizing Russia to keep her from being a competitor. Last time I checked, Russia is a superior nuclear weaponized nation, has the most advanced battle munitions, and will  go through Europe like shit through a goose, and turn the Rhine into blood.

That is the construct in reality. Donald Trump does not need the Russian problem to be joined to a China problem which America has under Obama. Thee only way to deal with this is including Dr. Kissinger in assessment, contact and building a detente between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kissinger, to stop what astute people are trying to prevent in World War IV.

I would offer that Mr. Trump, should include in this the works of Stephen Cohen, the last Russian expert, besides this blog, who is warning of signs that the General Staff in Russia is contending openly now with Mr. Putin, all due to Obama Soros intrigue which began at the Olympic games.

What needs to be pointed out in this is SIMPLE. If the Sean Homo Hannity's think Mr. Putin is a gangster, you just wait for a Russia which produces a leader who is able to bring down Mr. Putin in a coup. That kind of leader is not going to be talking to Henry Kissinger, but will be unleashing Russian special forces, Russian terror ties as a prelude to Russian invasion of Western Europe, with a full blitz by China in opening a front in Alaska.

Those flatworlders who do not understand this battlefield of the Ted Cruz litmus test, have no comprehension that Henry Kissinger is the last lifeline America has to a world which is not a nuclear war. It is going to require all the dark side as well as the Trump side to trend Russia and America, back to a working relationship of respect and non threatening postures, which is what this is all about.

Donald Trump has conducted himself as President, and the best assets are to be all utilized, and that will include utilizing Bill Clinton after Hillary Clinton is defeated for contacts to Russia in that sphere, as much as if W. Bush stops acting like Jeb's 3 year old brother, in providing insights.

I will repeat that an accord must be reached with Russia. I move for a Slavic defense zone, free of NATO and Russia, to give both Europe and Russia a buffer, and trading zone, so all of this friction ceases before  it triggers a nuclear world war, which is coming.

Smiling Henry Kissinger and smiling Vladimir Putin is a start, and Donald Trump is engaged in the correct start of his Presidency, which is all about John Adam's creed of America not starting wars.


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