Friday, May 13, 2016

How Minecraft Stole One of my Ten Years. 
By Coleridge A. Williams 

Minecraft is a waste of your time. You just sit there on you chair building,crafting,and mining. Whats the purpose of  Minecraft. Minecraft rots your mind and it is so unrealistic it teaches you nothing. If you let your kid play Minecraft the next day you'll see him or her punching down a tree to get some wood. They'll try to craft a axe or a sword out of  wood with a fake crafting table you got them. Your kids will spend weeks trying to build a city or a giant building.They will not go out side and wont come out of there rooms because of Minecraft. When you build "a redstone contraction" and you mess up one thing it all doesn't work.

Pro riding a horse. The player needs at least 15 diamonds to build that and at least two long sessions to find the diamonds.

My friends spend there lives on Minecraft while there are thousands of other games to play. People on the multiplayer platforms play the Walls or other games on Minecraft, and like that; and if they lose they throw there computers out the window because it is so frustrating to lose. On Youtube people spend months making a "lets play series" ignoring their friends and family and then realize that they just wasted their time with Minecraft. It takes too long to build a complex structure and by the time you finish it has taken so long that it doesn't matter. I realized that Minecraft made me it's slave and I'm glad I'm free now. I hope my friends figure it out before they turn into a Minecraft zombie.

Kids waiting to go home to play Minecraft?

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