Monday, May 16, 2016

 Fifty Years and Counting

Happy Birthday,
Margaret, Pema De-drung, protector of the American Dudjom Dharma Sangha. If you live to 100, then half your life has gone the way of the wind and the rest is up to you. Perhaps you feel I have disturbed  half of your lived life, but I could say the same in return. For all our victories and failures, the Dharma investment at Yeshe Nying Po/OCD has paid off, as the teachers are still there and comfortable to remain. The effort we made to secure the legacy of Dudjom Tersar in America against terrific opposition from all sides was sealed by our departure as they no longer had enemies to use to cancel the project.

Unfortunately our battle with each other and the wounds it inflicted on us and our families is a high cost that may not be wholly redeemed before we die. But it is gradually being redeemed as I write, in that the Dharma culture is percolating continuously from His Holiness's teachings and the student's practice.  We did not spill our poison back to the Lamas and Sangha. We kept it private and let the Dharmapalas negotiate our difficulties.

Now the time has come where your role as an American protectoress of Dharma is inherent and alert. Your dream of Adam, your curiosity about the goings on of the Dharma students, your ability to feel moments of compassion towards your estranged husband signify success for the next 50 years. This is your birthday gift from me. Recognition that you have made it through the gauntlet with your heart still beating strongly. All the things lost will come back in time. Just get social, be the fire horse that builds the house. You certainly have cleared the territory.  Right down to the subbasement of contrived attachment.

Now is the time to talk to the teachers, whether they are fake or real. Your presence and critical thinking/concern will make them authentic. Your experience is inconceivable except to the practitioners who have true purified blessing power. The rest will probably shake in fear unless you intentionally groom them.

I have never stopped loving you or believing in you. I just couldn't do it with you. There was too much karma from trying to be a pioneer wanna be Dharmapala. I had already burned so many bridges by the time I met you that your youth and wildness were to become the bridge. You broke Marianne's European grip on OCD which would have destroyed it. She is still sharpening knifes to get me and Sky has totally rejected any contact with me. But its a long story unfolding and we shall see the long term outcome.

Right now I am up against a terminal spell that I helped create because I want another 2 more generations of Dharma for America. The young lady who wants my downfall is the last Dakini of promise that I have managed and she is making sure it is my last.  For 8 years I have groomed her and now she has abandoned the lamas and embraced the path of her namesake. I have become the sacrifice for her freedom. From my perspective, like Odin, upside down, bleeding from the Tree of Life contemplating the Runes while the 3 Fates spin, cut, and weave the thread of his blood for a future as they see it. It has become a wrathful  pagan  establishment of the Goddess temple dedicated to Buddhist Dharma. Women are really sick of me and my agenda. But that is in the heat of the battle. Perhaps fortune will turn when things cool down and the big picture of  "Bodhisattva Destiny" becomes apparent. As you can tell from the phone call, I am stripped of  my defenses and must rely on what's left of my good karma to survive. I will be her first public kill if she does not remember her Bodhisattva vows. For this I do the Manjusrinamasamgiti 3x a day and will do it till I die. In the astrology reading from previous post below on this website,  3 goddesses are described, Vesta, Medusa and Lilith. On May 22 second Lilith goes into Scorpio where she can hide in her shadows after making an attempt at compromise in Libra. She is in Libra from August 2015 to May 22 2016. I have been incarcerated for that whole time. May she find her compromise effort satisfactory and go back to business as usual so I can be released. Amen.

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