Monday, August 28, 2017

Ix Chel...Mayan Moon Goddess

Requiem for a Showcase Reality: Hollywood’s La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in La La Land

If you were a yogi living on the top of a mountain, awaiting personal time with a guru, and those times were brief and far between, you would be focused on being alert to the opportunity of sustained presence with the guru. The teachings will be more authentic when revealed through personal contact. That is why you live on this certain mountain with all of its challenges.

If that guru is Hollywood and that guru has a final teaching for the general masses before her permanent retirement, then the movie La La Land, which won 6 academy awards, is the final ‘hurrah’ of Hollywood, Hollywood as we know it.  The movie contains a plethora of survival algorithms for the aspiring theatrical artist, all handed out freely in a captivating drama of song and dance. What Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers hammered down into suburban patterns for the war legacy of the pre-Boomers, Ryan Gosling and his beautiful dakini pried up out of Hollywood’s cemented legacy into personal memes for our coming refugee conditions? According to many sources, Hollywood is moving into the Chinese paradigm for lack of intelligent money; so they might as well give away all the secrets while they can.

I’ve watched it twice, second time with my teen son and daughter, who enjoyed it, and being a musical production, I was surprised. They saw the same message I did.

La La Land has the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of success and it seems contagious. This is a movie that can be a keepsake for Hollywood, along with the heterosexual nostalgia nuts who fetish ‘showcase reality’.  It’s quite common to build shrines of favorite shows and movies in our own homes. In acting communities these shrines help keep an alert smile prescient for public occasions while making professional contact. I mean, since Hollywood has become a shrine to its self, like Sleeping Beauty’s step mother and her mirror, we are out the loop of this magic as it remains the keepsake for the chosen few.  When the tower teeters and it is visible from afar, then gifts like the movie La La Land must be honored.  Unfortunately for the Queen, the Hunter has left the gate open and the guard dogs took the bait. While America stares at its reflected navel through Hollywood showcase in the comfort of her own home, the movie set she is doing this on has been sold to R’s new favorite clan of the century. Get ready to travel light.

So, rather than get politically offensive, I write this review of La La Land to advocate for change. Let’s move Hollywood to a safe place where the dogs can hunt in the forest and the goddesses will be security. Someplace like Taos, New Mexico. It serves as a safe haven for changing times. Little possibility of tidal waves and the vultures keep the streets clean. Where Julia Roberts spends time dodging fame and queer patrons collect real estate for their empty social clubs. Lots of room here; especially if you don’t mind wrestling with the mesa rats. And there is that tunneled deep state labyrinth that requires 12 strand DNA consciousness. Located under and around the Taos Plaza, this sacred space really helps with the alien problem as mind games stay mind games. I’ve been hovering around the Taos Plaza for over two decades and each time I show up it is brand new. This Taos Valley seems a conducive space to be a new base for refugee Hollywood.  And just think of the jobs.

Harvest Tanagucci dances with Cole Williams in Taos before the screening.

Written by David Wilson Ross Lewis    June 12/ 2017     commons edition

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Electrical Overview

Acceleration of human lifestyle: What is the source of this pernicious aspect?

It seems that as years go by, that time goes faster and why does it go faster?

Because our lives are speeding up.  And why are they speeding up?

They are speeding up due to  pressures that we put upon ourselves to perform appropriately in the public forum. 

And why do we put these pressures on ourselves?

We have spiced our lives with unnecessary contrivances such as the use of the wheel in engineering, motor driven tools, devices,

And the use of electrically driven devices, not propelled by the human organism but by the effects of elemental force.

Man now uses this elemental power to produce changes upon the environment that create elemental reactions,

And because these elemental efforts are not rendered through human tactile contact, the profound implications of these elemental forces can being ignored.

As mankind reacts to consequent elemental progress, we find we must rival the speed of electricity to counteract increasingly complex circumstances.

Thus we are introduced, surreptitiously, to inhuman acceleration of our natural pace and general misunderstanding abounds.

By having concentrated on specific patterns of efficient devices, we are alienated from the comprehensive weave of our planetary conditions.

As a hydro station in a remote valley powers an urban landscape, the power link is not obvious being camouflaged by complex webs of cash flow.

And the human sense of vulnerability to unnatural conditions is incubated to silent oblivion by the sparks and glow of the electric hearth.

Islands of wealth thrive in desert terrain, for example, ignoring the unnatural state, reinforcing the neon dream of showcase reality.

And the electric spirit whispers encouragement with monthly reminders, an angry spirit who menstruates us, repeatedly, distracting us from natural human poise.

And our conditioned senses sculpture a theater of common truths that reflect little of nature, no more than token gestures, as our presence on this planet is electrified.

And consequently our lifestyles are crystallized into elemental patterns, insulating our awareness from the evanescent sway of the solar wind and the radiant stars that rule the sky.

The jealous passion of electrical frenzy finds little solace in the vast expanse of the universal continuum and the primacy of solar radiance.

Electrical technology artificially creates a womb/tomb mandala of sealed architectural circuits to house its subjects, us, from blue space,

Until we submit to the kaleidoscopic Cyclops, that hypnotizes the workforce with relentless precision, redefining itself with waves of intricate detail,

Forcing human thought to wrestle with binary intelligence until human sense slavishly sacrifices natural genius to overwhelming data.

All this electrical activity polarizes the good will of humanity, speeds discursive thoughts and destroys ability to remember our logos of planet and Universe.

We rely on unnatural and technical movement for our sense of time rather than the shadow play of the sun, being lost to the archives of labyrinthine art galleries.

Therefore we are subject to warlord manipulation and their fetish arrangements of power structure and their schedules of economic infrastructure.

This is revealing, to more aware beings (human) that manipulation by European troll dynasties is directly at odds with our spiritual evolution.

 A severe sense of vulnerability in the western culture hangs a sharp sword of fear over our collective heads that causes panic and shortness of breath,

That increases thoughts, speeding speculation and the heat of passion.

The disciples of the techno sphere satisfy themselves in bliss of power, a deep state control mechanism, which ignores the presence of reality, leaving brothers and sisters outside the techno sphere, to cling frantically to evaporating promises of happiness.

And the children are harnessed with painful truths too difficult to forget, that force them to subscribe to the enemy army and alternative paradigms.

So that the precipice, the mortal coil itself, becomes a genetic fracture that natural forces increasingly devastate as the ritual of healthy human endeavor crumbles away.

Tribal truths replace collective wisdom and they are showcased in serial performance on the viewing screen, as fashion, music, political harangue and the printed word,

Until the overview becomes unspeakable, and the private thoughts of warlords become the pathways of our daily lives.

We have lost perspective, feeling bullied and pressured, we see no enemy except our own deficiencies and the wandering eye of media.

By polarizing the even flow of human goodwill, with unusual circumstances, the ramifications become global and not specific.

The pre-industrial mercantile network has remained the template for the last centuries of resource exploitation,

Through naval accomplishment, the implementation of industrial oriented commerce was made possible, institutionalizing slavery as a common lifestyle.

Until the cottage industry and the guild systems were eclipsed and transplanted to other global sites, uprooting local culture and individual self-esteem.

Resistance to this process was crushed unmercifully and the intelligent appraisal of the industrial revolution could not be implemented into the process.

Now, three centuries later, from the womb of our electrical cage are we able to consciously articulate the process of our adaptation.

Our senses no longer intuitively tuned to natural events, but rather to the sensor oriented warning lights of the electrical thin tank,

That flashes wantonly towards our thoughts, conjuring nightmarish mirages of rational eventualities, that reek of inhumanity and dire prediction.

The inherited sense of global integrity retreats into subconscious mystery, as we ponder the onslaught of technical re assessment.

Divorce proceedings, set to curtail a unhappy relationship are invoked by Nature’s spontaneous language of global readjustment to the times,

So that the ground upon which we stand wants a divorce from our ignorant presence on the planet and the dawning of apocalyptic unease becomes prevalent,

Attracting cosmic predators, who can now easily inveigle the human domain when lack of archetypal perception seems to affect humanity’s awareness.

And the genetic meltdown of human stewardship weakens our resistance to bombastic manipulation of the planet’s resources by space pirates.

Our rituals of self-preservation are cast about in delicious abandon as we concentrate on release of passion and ecstatic peeling of sensibility,

Our only real joy found in the playhouse of electrical convenience; numbed senses trying to chart frayed edges lost in irradiated sense organs.

The effort to redirect this downward spiral back to human integrity remains evanescent, the grip of truth numb and unstable,

But alive, needing to be revealed, wakened to the cold winds of the landscape of reality, so that the sun can heal festering wounds.

Cancerous delusions can dissolve into the cellular fabric of our hopes and fears, anchoring mortality and an inevitable end to the human continuum.

For the poisons spread by the space pirates ignore natural precedent breeding only a fuel for their immediate needs.

As they must leave when obstacles arise; leaving to engage further despoliation of other planets, as they have no conscience towards the lives of sentient beings.

Until we find solace with our solar system, our hubris of electric genius will be thwarted by other advocates of Electra’s pathway, longtime lovers of her ardent passion to embrace matter.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Off the Grid Dharma-Living in the Time of Traces

                         Off the Grid Dharma-Living in the Time of Traces

Where is this island found in space?
Am I interrupting a process by asking?
Or have I just invested in seeing it through?

Where is the edge of the grid and what lies beyond it?

Emptiness or salvation?

When I take a shit should I look forward to another meal?
Or should I remain at ease?

Oil is the shit of the devil who lives in the bowels of the Earth.

We are flesh drops living on a thin crust of surface,
That is slowly evaporating into space.
The oil creatures who manage our existence

Build us boxes to hide us from the sun and the infinite,
So we can be returned back to earth before we evaporate into space.

We are aphids feeding in a petroleum net of activity,
Managed by banker ants who milk us monthly, daily for their sweets.

I am now a Dharma mite wandering through a forest of sagebrush.
Looking for the edge where I don’t get milked,
But the sun speaks loudest and I evaporate in a longing to be free.

How many years have I tried to escape the constraints of petroleum culture?
That counterfeit world of reality where 3d printers can mock up my wishes,
With metal dust and plastic seams,


I can’t imagine the amount of work and struggle it takes to steal
All the oil from drained cavities and ruptured pipes sunk into land and oceans.

What is the need to ransack the thin crust of a planet
Until debris is scattered over every square inch of the surface?
It starts to pile higher and higher until no one can survive.

What drives the lust of need to make a planet uninhabitable?
Aliens, warlords, lemmings or end times book hawkers.
What is the prize after power has run its course,
And actual debt has been uncovered?

When the sheet rock palace has emerged from radioactive floods,
And mudslides block the doorways and windows,
And the roof collapses from so many people riding out the storm.
Are these forces of nature or karma or forces of retribution?

Does this quest for stability go all the way back to “fabled” King David and his search for a home?
No, it must be more ancient than that.

On our final school bus tour which served as a mobile home,
We came to the sagebrush mesa, off the grid, parked
And I was immediately devoured by space.

My fear of the infinite remains to write these words as a legacy for progeny,
For the story of those ascended is only revealed through the silence of infinite space.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Astrology post from Tara Greene



                        Lilith in Sagittarius on Valentine’s day


Tara Greene Astrologer  

Lilith in Sagittarius Tara Greene astrology
 Lilith/centaur image by voices_by_beebie.
Lilith in SAGITTARIUS will bring us unbridled truth, wild and free sexuality. There will be passion for fighting for justice, educational freedom and women’s rights. Lilith will be in the sign of Sagittarius until November 9th.
Lillith spends 9 months in each sign. Therefore there must be a very ancient relationship of this Female archetype with the cycles of pregnancy and birth.  We would see her entry into a new sign as the birth of a new LILITH energy which was conceived 9 months before in the previous sign of SCORPIO. 
Your Valentine’s day must integrate LILITH in SAGITTARIUS energy. 
Forget the flowers which will die. Sagittarius loves humor, casual anything, learning, dining outside, a romantic walk under the stars. Great honest conversation and wild passionate uninhibited love. Forget the whips and bridles. No S & M!  Sagittarius will never tolerate that. You will get a quick kick in the butt for even suggesting it.
Lilith in Sagittarius hates having to wear shoes. No fancy shoe buying for the next 9 months Save your hundreds and thousands of dollars normally spent on something beneficial like supporting animal rights or education for girls. 
Lilith is much misunderstood these days. Popularly portrayed as a Vampire and demoness. These modern myths are patriarchal stemming from a fear of Her nature and gifts and not revering her as a prime aspect of the Divine Feminine. There are three astrological Lilith’s further confusing the issues.  She is mysterious, and her history has been purposely destroyed and altered by the Patriarchy.

Lilith was known of in the mystical teachings of Judaism, which few were privileged to learn. The tale of Genesis, as is all of the Bible’s Hebrew teachings which Christianity and Islam are based on, are archetypal stories, never to be taken literally and partly historical. The tales are to be deciphered through numerological equations, called Gematria, to understand the order of the Universe. Much folklore also got mixed in as well as ancient pagan stories as the Jews moved around Babylon and were slaves in Egypt. 

I feel intuitively that the truth is that she was the first woman created by God equally with Adam from the red earth. When Adam tried to dominate her sexually she said Screw you and left paradise to live by the Red Sea.   She refused to compromise with ADAM and submit.

 Lilith was uncompromising in demanding respect and equality.
 Staying by the Red Sea is a symbol that she got her period. All menstruation taboos are directly related to fear of Lilith’s power. The Red sea symbol has nothing to do with her creating monsters and fucking demons and eating children and drinking nocturnal emissions as a succubus and harpy which is simply that bogus Patriarchal smear campaign.

Lilith symbolizes the equal and opposite to the Shekinah, God’s right-hand feminine side on the Tree of Life. She is known as the left-hand bride of God or the Dark Feminine. In Christianity, Lilith is the Christian old image of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute when she was in fact, a  sacred Priestess, to Mary’s mothering role.

Before this, in Sumerian mythology, Lilith was known as a handmaiden to Inanna, Queen of Heaven. Lilith brought men to the temple for sacred sexual rites and healing. In those days, which I absolutely remember since I was 7 years old, female sexuality was revered as the most holy contact with the Goddess any man could experience.  The word for these women was houris, which is the root word for the English hour. Lilith is connected to our time keeping. 
Five thousand years ago, the Patriarchy began an immense brainwashing and killing spree to overthrow the power and love of the Divine Feminine, and Mother earth and to dominate women and their powerful sexuality.  If every man could know and experience the Goddesses love and union with the source for himself, why would any man listen to an outside authority when one could embrace the Goddess directly?

Lilith had to be turned into the baddest bad bitch and not to be allowed near women or men or babies in fear of her immense powers. Women wore amulets to protect them against her in childbirth. Lilith as the death bringing Goddess, of menstruation also has to do with the fear of HER which conservative Christians anti-abortionist try to control. Lilith as an archetype lives in everyone’s psyches. When the dark Goddess has been suppressed for thousands of years her rage is immense.  In INDIA they worship her as KALI. In Mexico where they revere death she has many aspects. 

We in the modern West we are so out of balance with death, and the divine feminine and sacred sexuality that most people cannot even comprehend how primal and important LILITH’s function is.
Lilith’s representation as the serpent in the Garden of Eden is the most rewritten story of Genesis. The snake is the KUNDALINI energy of sacred sexuality and menstruation. Snakes are primarily Goddess symbols of life death and rebirth, something women experience every month. Lilith is also associated with Owls or the Harpy; birds are always symbols of souls. Owls represent psychic night vision and wisdom. 

Anyone who has been ostracized for expressing their sexuality, the femme fatale, or seductive female energy is exhibiting strong Lilith energy.  The Scarlet Letter, the film the Easy A, and modern slut shaming are all Lilith stories. 

Liliths’s time in SAGITTARIUS will see major protests against anti-abortion, for women speaking their truth loudly and irrevocably refusing to back down. Lilith is Sagittarius relates to the themes of courts, politics, teaching, traveling and women’s freedom to do their own thing uninhibitedly.

Sagittarius is a half- human have horse sign. We have greater access to our animal instincts, we will also protect animals and make sure they have rights. Women will throw off anything which tries to fence them in. 

Expect to hear LILITH’s unbridled natural sexual joy and take me as I am attitude. Not interested in fashion or being tied up in any way- Screw that abomination 50 shades of more brainwashing. Lilith is SAGITTARIUS build upon Her natural rulership of Scorpio. Lilith has tanked up. She is ready to race, like Goddess Atalanta in Greek myths. Lilith in Sagittarius will teach Her wisdom and inspire everyone to embrace Her ancient knowledge. Serious study of Lilith will become integrated.


Lilith in Sagittarius turns sex into an adventure, traveling to exotic places to learn Tantric sexuality will be the big thing of 2017. Sex outdoors and an upsurge in nudity as our natural ways of being. Vegetarianism will become super popular as well. Female Sagittarians like to have platonic relationships with men as they like to be “one of the boys.”
Exercise in nature is preferred as are archery, and all types of sports. Vision quests, spiritual retreats and a serious study of metaphysics and astrology will blossom during this time. Kicking down the fences in politics, universities, and establishment anything will bring new friends into your circles who become close allies.  
Lilith in Sagittarius gets easily bored with the mundane and has a fear of being too settled. Sagittarius hates routine anything. Many people will be traveling all the time like gypsies because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which rules the thighs. Expect to gain weight easily in your thighs and backside during this time.  
NEVER try to fence any partner in for this next period. If you let them roam free they may return. But try to coral Lilith in Sagittarius energy in and they will leap the fences and gallop off into the sunset. 
Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, Prince William, Bill Clinton, Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson, George W. Bush, Sly Stallone- good one. Carl Jung, Steven Spielberg. 
Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Cher, Sandra Bullock, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Audrey Hepburn, Heidi Klum, Kelly Clarkson.
I am planning some new workshops based on Lilith in Sagittarius. I  will keep you posted. 
PLEASE SHARE WIDELY all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The Avalanche Fray

 The current state of human endeavor has us as pawns in a global strategy which has reached critical mass. The grip of the oligarchs has loosened, most probably from fatigue, as their elaborate strategies are short circuiting to some extent and their damage control through verbal memes is over stretched. 
  The peace and stability of modern lifestyle, as in technological lifestyle, is now being challenged by its alter ego of violence against Nature, as the mass of humanity that lives in Nature is now being forced to migrate into the privileged techno-dome. We have destroyed their traditions, their resources and their awe of colonial entitlement. We have become as ordinary as we have blamed them for being. 
  This is the result of globalization. Whether our ordinariness as pawns in the techno-dome entitles us to come to terms with the avalanche of migration, remains to be seen. Arm chair postures will not be enough to sustain human living conditions when our economy loses its focus and barter becomes a survival mechanism. 
  The current neoliberal fear of Russia reflects the entrenched laziness of our community leaders. They know that Russia had to go through the gauntlet of a destroyed economy and it came out the other side. Russians now stand on the confidence that as a people they have reached bottom together and together have successfully resisted the global slavery which was to be imposed by the oligarchs. Now America and her allies must look at the same eventuality of living beyond one's means and possible economic collapse. 
  The oligarchs have abandoned nationalism and they will try to impose the same threat of slavery upon the American people as was resisted by Russia. Our community leaders have been groomed to passivity by the oligarchs and they are afraid. The Donald is the ring master for this economic challenge and he has a window of opportunity to help arm chair Americans, turn off their favorite shows and get back to work. We as a populace are kicking and screaming like spoiled children and a bachelor oligarch might abandon the mission repulsed by the ignorance on display. But the Donald has generations of his own children, he has kept trying, and so he can understand spoiled American progeny and the pain of their intransigence. He can wade through the memes of neo-liberal insanity and guide those who follow into a healthier and more useful lifestyle. He can access the disciplined and intelligent populace which maintains human sustainability, "Fly-over America" and the military, and implement necessary changes to keep America strong while it adjusts to a healthier economic focus. 
  The oligarchs will rest while this takes place as they are old and worn out and most of their children and attache's are as spoiled and frivolous as the rest of the population. His friendship with Putin is a boon. Putin led the restructuring of Russia's economy into health and he can help us, the people of America get back on our feet. He wants to help and Trump knows this. 
  But the global neo-liberal community has not faced its failure and the changing times. They want war with Russia simply because they are afraid of the mess they have made. They don't want to pay for the consequences. They can't believe they are wrong after feeling so close to their goals. Goals that never really existed in the first place. Meme framed intellectual postures that promised a better world but were based on skewed science and destruction of secular ruled countries. A very base and unscrupulous policy that now causes enormous suffering for innocent populations while pretending to be bettering the success of a global revolution. 
  The main focus underlying all of this chaos is the desire to control and forward another 100 years of petroleum based economy using the tools and methodology of the last 100 years. Everything has changed and the Donald knows this. The "deplorables" that voted Hillary out know this. They don't know it from the lying media, they know it because it is obvious to those not invested in the neoliberal camp. 
  It is almost impossible for the average person to survive economically without leaning on government handouts. Our jobs must come back and the global experiment must go on hiatus. National infrastructure must be restored. Taking action in this manner will eclipse armchair passive lifestyle and introduce personal discipline and self respect into citizenry. We don't have to hit rock bottom the way Russia did. While the dollar is still viable we can galvanize the population to get involved, get working, get creative and re-coalesce as a united citizenry busy re-birthing the American dream rather than an intoxicated nightmare. There is nothing else to do and we have a newly elected president who ran on that platform. Lets see what happens and not as an audience but as players.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Winsome Remembrances for Jack

Winsome Remembrances for Jack



Beggar to tell me he wrote what he wanted,
Is the life of this bard  his wrestling recanted?
I cry for the bones of our culture decanted,
The essence a poison that perfume supplanted.

He savored and suckled from his Angel of Light,
And he wrote to the spirits that all of us fight,
A testament for children to share in his plight,
That we could in the long run, escape from the night.

He traveled on wheels rolling over Turtle Island,
And captured wild people to join in his band,
He wrote of their stories and the fires they fanned,
As they searched for their raptures from Eternity’s sand.

He remembered it in detail but changed it around,
To suit the story and the way it would sound,
He heeded a calling to re-work what he found,
To make gods of mortals in the truths that he bound.

He failed to release us in the way that he wanted,
For the devils he fought are forever undaunted,
By breaking his happiness in the way that they taunted,
He drank away life that he always had flaunted.

The bard and his affairs often rule what we say,
When the publisher and the Mason at the end of the day,
Have cooked and conjured an illusion of God’s way
By selling out dollars on the computers we play.

We live in a hologram of memories and fiction,
Sharpened and and made real by the poet's own diction,
Whether Jack said it or not is beyond the depiction
As long as the spell keeps the same predilection.

It’s our turn now to express how we should be,
To challenge the madness that drowns sanity,
We learned from our teachers to speak candidly,
And make a mark on the Beast that is easy to see.

It’s a dark age upon us, we must be careful to try,
To capture our vision including the way we will die,
For the devils of this realm have no conscience to ply,
As they pattern the planet with our echoes that fly.

So with paper and pen and a long distant smile,
We wrestle the demons who have trapped us with
Inventing a new platform from which we can dial,
Alternative visions to present in life’s trial.

The momentum of chaos that is coming this way,
Cannot be talked out by the avalanche fray,
What is readied in vision will probably stay,
Above the flood of confusion in the magic we play.

Friday, December 16, 2016


Teachings on Psychiatric Black Magic



                               Teachings on Psychiatric Black Magic

In the timeless sphere of granite, rock face ivory tower concerns,
The beggars go unnoticed until their clamor of need must be addressed,
Then the volumes written, recorded into memory, must now be invoked into action,
Those volumes, whose secret shelter harbors the necessary cruel designs maintaining social order.

Violent mechanisms are wheeled about, in a parade of subconscious patterns, seeking
The point of no-return, where activation of perpetual aggression assumes inevitability,
And the storm clouds of rage, sharpen points of friction, as they darken the sphere of exchange,
To precipitate a genetic shakedown that divides and annihilates foreign faces and rebellious spawn.

This is the cost of being born in unfavorable circumstances that camouflage truth,
In being born to maelstrom guardians whose griffin claws pivot tenaciously,
To the unformed branches of the collective family tree,
Having lost their true positions in scientific heresy.

Being born, as an echo of excruciating perplexity, bound to masquerade in hopeless exercise,
The continuation of empirical assumption, that the force is with us and not others;
That the role of the peers is sacrosanct, to be up held in unquestioned allegiance,
At the expense of common sense, freedom, and the creative potential inherited through human birth.

Being born to maintain discipline extracted from centuries of inquisitional repression,
Humanistically refined to plastic usefulness by rational de-mystifications of religious order,
Spurred by schizoid fascinations and psychedelic intrusions that burned innocence to the precipice,
Widening the narrow abyss, so that tangible fear of falling stains the light of every new day.

Being born to oversee the demolition of goodwill and happy acquaintance with family and friends,
As the Armageddon radiates its presence from beyond the horizon edge,
And the forces of evil discover themselves emerging as a poisonous dew upon the surface of the land,
Effortlessly increasing in character, becoming the synthetic source of refreshing change to distraught generations.

Being born to assume that the antidote to all this suffering is in careful keeping by the peerage,
And that the dutiful performance of filial responsibilities will reveal the truth and path that sustains.
Born to be punished, born to react in fear and pain to odious duplicity that refuses access,
To traditions cast aside in the feeding frenzy that props up the illusory facets of an empty grail.

But born to escape all this and travel unlimited distances to shake from this planet,
The faces of gods and goddesses who can reveal in shades of contemporary symbols,
Archetypal refractions of genetic potential,that, like a pillow before sleep,
Bring comfort in the illusory quandary of constant change, so that a child can find peaceful repose.

Born to help the griffin intensity replace its frozen grip from our hearts, to appropriate place where ease and comfort,
Cause appreciation of the available sturdy branches emanating from the family tree that have proven to be strong,
Ending the perpetual sacrifice of objective parameters, hitchhiking paradigms that cause pain,
Free to associate with the hierarchy of pleasant gods who gambol in the infinite illusion.

Born to write a song that can be sung for life,
Born to witness the conflagration in the field of sexual bliss,
Born to merge harmonies with exacting lords of wealth,
Born to remain alone with self as a monk refreshed by a garden of nymphs,
Born to fit the children’s course into adulthood,
Born to grow old and die, and pass on to the karmic paradigm,
Born to bless and caress the earth with human vapors,
Born as a reminder that simple presence as a universal being reflects infinity,
The spur of curiosity and the everlasting crescendo of Being.

D.L. 1992